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So its easter time again…no wait, that already happened. Ok, so its delayed Noble garden time! We can’t be mad about the delay since it brought with it this wonderful new (occasionally buggy) patch. Of course like all holidays, blizzard has blessed us with yet another title to wear proudly over our heads, “The Noble”, and this time they have given us seven days to do it instead of one!  I got it an hour ago so join me after the break for a breakdown of what you need to do.

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is Calanthia. Discipline Priest and pocket healer to Icecomet, Grim’s Fire Mage, and former male Blood Elf Korrax. That’s right, recently I spent a tenner of my hard earned money student loan, and completely reworked one of my characters. I then did it again for another one, but that’s not the focus of this article. That focus for this is more about the new lease of life you can give to your toons through the Character Recustomisation feature, and how to fit this in with your playing habits and the way you see your characters in the world of Azeroth.

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My First RP. Sort Of.

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The other day I was reading some of the lore to do with the Blood Knights (of course), and really the Blood Elfs in general. They have quite an interesting connection with the Light, in that they essentially attempted to steal the Light from a Naaru called M’uru. They captured, and tortured, M’uru in an attempt to gain the Light’s power for themselves, not knowing that M’uru had forseen all this and let it happen. Granted I’ve missed a lot out of this story, but that’s the general gist of things.


Now, after the Blood Knights discovered this, there was some understandable guilt among the ranks. But the Blood Elf race is proud, arrogant, and vain generally speaking, so it struck me that the Blood Knights would be split into two camps upon discovering that the Naaru had gone out of their way to empower and turn them into a new race of people. There would be those who would turn away from the old ways, using their powers as a way to atone for their sins and the actions they had committed. Others would most likely carry on with their old ways…

With this in mind, I started thinking about which camp Kirioth would fall into. Would he repent, using his abilities to try and make up for past misdemeanors? Or would he simply shrug his shoulders, turn away and think “It was always meant to be ours anyway”?

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