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Tier 11 Deathknight

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I came across this image of the Deathknight teir 11 armour set the other day.  How insane does this look?  Oh and no prizes for guessing where the screenshot came from haha!

To me this is the best looking tier set I’ve seen so far.  A close second would be the old bad ass Warlock set from the Burning Crusade.  I really can’t wait to see the Warrior tier 11 and I hope they manage to top this Deathknigh effort. The Warrior helm mmo champion managed to data mine looks pretty nice with the shards of rock sticking out of it. So here’s to hoping the whole set looks legend beyond comprehension.

I’m going to go through and stick up a few posts of the amour sets that have been data mined so far. (or armor sets for you Americans ;))

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