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Blizzard has released information on the new talent trees for Druids, Priests, Rogues and Shamans.  We have started threads on our forums and would love it if you guys would jump in and start discussing what these changes could actually mean for you and your class.

Druid Forum

Priest Forum

Rogue Forum

Shaman Forum

We will add the other classes as the information comes out.

Check out the Cataclysm talent calculator on the link below too!

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New WarAnvil Forums!

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In the drive for constant improvement, we’ve launched our own forums dedicated to World of Warcraft and of course to WarAnvil itself! You’ll find all of the WarAnvil blog posts in the News section, and dedicated areas for the different classes and aspects of the game.

So what are you waiting for? Join us in the forum!

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3.1.2 Releases Today

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Hey all, its patch day again!

Now before you go running screaming into the night and threatening to cancel your account, lets note that its just a minor patch – but it brings some nice changes.

Big General Changes:

  • The long awaited equipment manager has made it live.
  • Gear now scales SotA and Wintergrasp vehicles.
  • Wintergrasp quests are now weekly instead of daily.

A few class tweaks and bug fixes in the full notes included after the jump.
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A bit of digging through the official armory over at MMO-Champion has revealed the stats for the new legendary healer mace.

The stats have been updated into wowhead – but here they are anyway.

Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings

  • Main Hand (93-298 dmg)
  • 1.8 Speed/108.6 dps
  • +52 Stamina
  • +54 Intellect
  • +47 Critical Strike Rating
  • +46 Haste Rating
  • +587 Spellpower

On Equip: Your healing spells have a chance to cause “Blessing of Ancient Kings” for 15 seconds, allowing your heals to shield the target, absorbing damage equal to 15% of the amount healed.

Tooltip: “The power of creation courses through this weapon

Ghostcrawler’s comments included:

The proc is probably better than you guys are assuming (even for druids). I’m not going to spoil it though. :)


It’s our intent that it is useful to all four healing classes. That’s about all I’m going to say.

I’m not a healer myself, so I can’t pretend to know if this is amazing or poorly done … your thoughts?

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This rant, and I freely admit it’s a rant, is all about how much I detest seeing memes all over the forums. Yes, I know I used one in the title. I am perfectly aware of this. I’ve been aware of this for over 9000 minutes. Ok, I’ll stop.

I make sure to take a glance at the official forums every now and then, because you never know what you might get out of it. You may find the usual collection of requests for vanilla WoW servers, complaints about the game isn’t hard enough, people whining because it no longer takes a signficant chunk of your life to gain reputation with a faction that you don’t even like but they have a cool mount, or how Retribution Paladins are the most overpowered class in the game liek evar. But you could, as well, find a real gem of a topic, something funny or interesting, or even helpful.

This practice of visiting the forums however, is most likely soon to be cut short. And you know why? Lolfail is why.

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