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Patch 4.0.1 Class Mechanics Changes

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The class changes for patch 4.0.1 are listed after the break guys. This is the main systems change before Cataclysm, none of the world itself is being changed yet. This is kinda like when wrath hit, the class systems were changed to bring them into line with the new content. Anyway enough of my blabbing, hit the read more to see the full statement by blizzard.

Or hit this link to MMO Champion for the full breakdown.

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Discipline Priest Talent Preview

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When I turned on the computer this morning I was greeted with a delightful surprise. Someone, somewhere, clearly wanted to make this a good day for me. Why else would they release the talent previews for Priest and Shaman? It must, surely, be because I’m torn as to which to level first!

Having been over both trees, I’m no closer to a decision. For this post, we’ll take a look at the Priest talents, focussing on the Discipline tree, since that’s the one I have the most experience with. The Discipline tree has seen some huge changes in the early tiers, and the changes are interesting to say the least. From the addition of Power Word: Barrier to a slew of DPS talents, this is not the Discipline tree that we’ve been used to during Wrath. Not by a long shot.

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Blizzard has released information on the new talent trees for Druids, Priests, Rogues and Shamans.  We have started threads on our forums and would love it if you guys would jump in and start discussing what these changes could actually mean for you and your class.

Druid Forum

Priest Forum

Rogue Forum

Shaman Forum

We will add the other classes as the information comes out.

Check out the Cataclysm talent calculator on the link below too!

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Wipe Insurance: Am I Prepared?

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Welcome to the first edition of Wipe Insurance,’s new raiding column. This will be posted every monday, so make sure you come back every week for new strategies, tips and tricks! This week we are going to discuss when you are ready to raid. So you’ve just dinged 80 and all you’ve heard about since level 5 is endgame raiding – many people will tell you its where the real game is, you level up and may even do some raids at your level along the way. But entering the current endgame raiding is different. Theres tiers, caps, stat weights, enrage timers, gearscore, jerks, death knights in full tier 9 doing 2k dps (Theres a lot of them…), casual, hardcore, no-lifers, hard modes…its enough to make your head spin.

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Welcome to the second part of the Cataclysm Class Change Expectations. Catchy title, I know! This time around we’ll be taking a look at the classes that I missed last time. If you haven’t read the first part, then I suggest going and reading it now.

We’ll start with the Shaman. I enjoy healing with mine, and throwing on an Elemental spec and hurling balls of lightning and lava at people is just downright awesome as well, but I’ve always felt there’s something lacking about the class. Levelling is a pain, due to a confusing mix of ranged and melee range attacks, although downtime isn’t too bad now we have the increased health and mana regen at lower levels. I think my issue with the Shaman is that feeling of being nailed to the floor. You place your totems, and… well, you usually end up anchored to them. The lack of mobility and repetitive rotations make for a good, just not exciting playing experience.

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3.1.2 Releases Today

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Hey all, its patch day again!

Now before you go running screaming into the night and threatening to cancel your account, lets note that its just a minor patch – but it brings some nice changes.

Big General Changes:

  • The long awaited equipment manager has made it live.
  • Gear now scales SotA and Wintergrasp vehicles.
  • Wintergrasp quests are now weekly instead of daily.

A few class tweaks and bug fixes in the full notes included after the jump.
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Last week I went over the stats of the new legendary healer mace Val’anyr.  A lot of people have been unsure of whether the proc on this mace is worth the effort and who should get it in their raid. Bornakk was nice enough to give us a good overview of how the proc actually works over in the official forums.

Here’s a quick TL;DR:

  • It can proc off both HoT ticks  and Direct Heals (as long as they actually heal the target).
  • It has a 10% proc chance and a 45 sec internal cooldown.
  • The healer gets a buff for 15 secs that allows them a chance to cast the shield on any targets they heal.
  • The shield absorption is 15% of the heal, rather than just what the player received. [This means overhealing will still produce good shields.]
  • The shields  stack. Meaning if you have a 1500 damage shield up on someone, another heal will proc another  shield (lets say also for 1500) which would be a total of 3k damage absorption. All heals cast on a shielded target contribute to the shield while the healer is buffed.
  • It stacks with Power Word: Shield.
  • The shield last 8 seconds and is refreshed on each heal while the healer has the buff.

So thats the official word. Now, opinions on over or underpowered?
I know I would be pretty happy to have my pocket healer carrying one from the tank standpoint.

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A bit of digging through the official armory over at MMO-Champion has revealed the stats for the new legendary healer mace.

The stats have been updated into wowhead – but here they are anyway.

Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings

  • Main Hand (93-298 dmg)
  • 1.8 Speed/108.6 dps
  • +52 Stamina
  • +54 Intellect
  • +47 Critical Strike Rating
  • +46 Haste Rating
  • +587 Spellpower

On Equip: Your healing spells have a chance to cause “Blessing of Ancient Kings” for 15 seconds, allowing your heals to shield the target, absorbing damage equal to 15% of the amount healed.

Tooltip: “The power of creation courses through this weapon

Ghostcrawler’s comments included:

The proc is probably better than you guys are assuming (even for druids). I’m not going to spoil it though. :)


It’s our intent that it is useful to all four healing classes. That’s about all I’m going to say.

I’m not a healer myself, so I can’t pretend to know if this is amazing or poorly done … your thoughts?

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Secrets of Ulduar

I don’t know about you folks, but I’m pretty excited about 3.1. Granted, since I’ve rerolled Priest and am only at level 70, I can’t take advantage of the new raid (although I might break out my Paladin for a sneak peak), but one thing I can take advantage of is the swathe of changes that have been made to my class, and of course the other classes. As we’ve said, Grim has also rerolled, bringing in his Mage, ditching his obsession with tanking for an obsession with massive numbers. He’s even gone so far as to respec Fire for levelling. Last night we were hacking up some corpses, and discussing the changes in 3.1, and the subject of Glyphs came up. I was complaining as usual about the lack of Discipline glyphs when Grim reminded me that we have a swathe of new glyphs arriving. So, filled with enthusiasm I headed onto Google and got looking for the glyphic goodness that would arrive with 3.1.

Read on after the break to see what we’re getting!

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I’ll admit it, I’ve never played an arena match ever!  I know this is quite shocking to most people reading this, but the simple fact of the matter was, I simply was not interested in PvP.  For a long time I had been a stern die hard PvE player.  My reasons behind this stem from a lot of my past experiences.  I played eq2 for a few years at the highest level of raiding, admittedly I’ve not played wow at that same level, but I still know all the dungeons inside out.  I’ve always tanked too.  Sure I’ve had alts which I’ve messed with and in some cases I’ve even claimed to be changing my main over to them.  In the end I always come rolling back to Grim and his Warrior buddies to tank yet another instance!

But what if I look at this from a totally new perspectiveve?  What if I simply strip all my characters of everything they own and send it all to one of my alts and make him my full time main no questions asked?

I want to get into competitive PvP as its the last thing left for me in WoW, so to speak.  These are my alts:

  • 70 Paladin
  • 65 Warlock
  • 54 Mage

The rest range from level 1-10 so are not really worth mentioning, oh and I forgot the obligatory Death Knight.

I went with the Mage I’ll discuss why are the split.

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