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Auctioneer Guide – What is Auctioneer?

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I’ve been using Auctioneer for months and months, well over a year now.  Without any shadow of a doubt this add-on is the most popular in WoW.  I can’t really think of anything else that so many players use on the sheer scale of Auctioneer.  But what exactly is it used for?  How can you use Auctioneer to make fairly large sums of gold?

Think of this post as a type of mini guide giving tips on how the add-on can be used.  I’m not going to try and write a complete article outlining everything there is to know about Auctionner as I simply don’t know everything!  The beauty of this mod is you can use it in so many ways to make money it would be almost impossible to note them all down.  Please continue reading if your looking Auctioneer information!

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QuestHelper, helps you quest believe it or not!  I had never used this mod until a few days ago when I randomly decided to start a Dwarf Hunter.  I have this thing for Dwarfs being the only Alliance race I can just about tolerate. Plus deep down I’ve always wanted a Hunter.  The main reason for me not having used QuestHelper before is the duel monitor set-up I run.  I tend to play the game on one and have Thottbot loaded on the other ready to look up quest details and stuff.  Lets not clog up the front page, join meh after the break!

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I’ll take a room with a view, please.

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Yesterday Grim and I made the shift through Icecrown to Storm Peaks, and for the first time I was actually glad that I’m a total pauper and can’t afford the epic flying skill. At 300% speed (yay for Crusader Aura), there would have been very little time to fling the camera around and take a slightly over the top number of screenshots of the mountains, and of the Lich King’s domain.


Anyway, as we we’re flying around, dodging the Proto Drakes and taking detours into massive holes in the ground with impressive sounding names, it struck me that possibly my favourite part of the expansion is the amazing scenery in Northrend, and the immersion you feel when running through it.

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WIM – Warcraft Instant Messenger

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This is one of the best UI mods out there for WoW. The kind of thing everyone could use regardless of play style. Ever been flooded with /whispers? Or miss the odd whisper in the general spam of the world? I know I used to until I stumbled across this little gem. I’ve been using WIM for close to a year now and I simply cannot do without it.

I’ll give some examples below;

This one is the result of asking for people to join our Nexus PUG, now this was basically launch day so as you can guess loads of people wanted to run the instance. This is what I got……Read on after the split…..

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