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New Year’s Resolutions, Warcraft Style


Black War Bear Paladin

The other day I got my Black War Bear, and I have to say, it was awesome. I’ve not really managed to break into raiding yet due to various problems with my free time not lining up with guild raiding times, not having guys to crew the raid, and so on, so I set myself a few targets over New Years. There are quite a few things on the list, and some of it is fairly unlikely to happen but everyone needs targets, right?

So, my resolutions are as follows:

  • Obtain a Black War Bear
  • Start a Druid
  • Level a Druid to 80
  • Tank Heroics with a Feral Druid
  • Complete a wing of Naxx with a PuG
  • Have a round of PvP in the Strand of the Ancients
  • Get at least two pieces of Tier gear

Getting the War Bear was surprisingly easy. We powered through Ironforge, killed the lawn ornament, then took the tram to Stormwind. We headed straight to the docks, and changed boats at Auberdine, going to Exodar. Due to various complications, only 10 of us got there and had to wait for the other 30, so we started early. Two tanks, me and 7 DPS took on the space goat, and got him to about 50% before the rest of the raid arrived. He went down like a lead balloon, and then it was off to Darnassus to kill us a Night Elf.  She became an excellent member of the dirt inspection squad, and from there it was back to Stormwind! By this point, most of the Alliance who were after us had caught up at Darnassus. We pretty much just ran straight through them, got on the boat, and arrived to find Stormwind all but open to us. We took out Mr Wrynn with very little trouble, and fought our way out of the city, past the few defenders that had mustered.

Now, as anyone else would, I celebrated by standing in Orgrimmar on my Bear, then logged out and started my Druid. All in all, a pretty succesful day! So, thats two off the list, and a few more to go. Have you made any Warcraft resolutions for New Year’s? Let us know what they are!

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I made a couple of resolutions:

1) Clear Naxx with the guild
2) Achieve the ambassador title
3) Buy the clothie heirlooms for my alt
4) Beat Malygos

So far I’ve achieved 1,2 and 4 but with 3 only one badge away, I will of fulfilled my promises! I think I’ll probably join you for the Strand of the Ancients resolution, I still haven’t been there :O

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