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WarAnvil Teamspeak Usage… We Need More People!


Evenin’ lads and lasses!  If you would like to peruse the image below, you will see that we have a guild who has set up residency in our Teamspeak server. We had a good 20 people or so in there the other night, and the number only increased as the night went on. Many thanks to the SNM guys for making such good and consistent use of the server.


For us here at WarAnvil, this is fantastic. It’s very heartening to see our server getting some proper use, but we want more! If your guild needs a channel, email me! If your friends guild needs a channel, email me! If you just want a channel for your 3v3 Arena Team, email me! Hell, if you register on the Teamspeak server you can create your own passworded channel, and it’ll be there permanently from that point on, so you don’t even have to talk to us at all if you just want a basic no frills channel! Remember, this is a totally FREE service we’re offering here. Your guild could have a raid ready Teamspeak channel TONIGHT.

If you want us to set up a channel, email me with the desired channel name and password. If you just want to try it out, log on and create one yourself! You can access the server by clicking the big old Teamspeak link at the top of the site. Now get in there and make some use of it!

Oh yeah, and did I mention you can email me?

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