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Cataclysm reforging guide


Reforging has landed on the US servers and is due to land tomorrow on the EU. This is going to be a short and sweet guide on the user interface for reforging. I’ll stick up some images of the interface and breakdown the concepts and uses of reforging.

Lets start off with the concepts. Reforging allows you to change one minor stat on any item of equipment you have. By minior stat I mean secondary stats such as hit rating, haste etc. It allows you to swap 40% of any secondary stat for another secondary stat. The process of reforging is done by NPC’s in capital cities. Just ask a guard if you want to find out where they are hiding!  Its going to be great to finally get rid of all that bloody unwanted hit rating.

Check out the screenshots of the user interface for reforging after the break.

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