• Cataclysm Cinematic Intro
  • New Cataclysm Tree of Life form
  • Tier 11 Deathknight
  • The Cataclysm effect

New Cataclysm Tree of Life form


The clip above shows the new tree of life form that’s going to hit with Cataclysm.  Its a much needed upgraded to the frankly, old and crap design that’s been in the game for years.  One of the main issues I’ve had with Druids is being stuck in some form 90% of the time, it really puts me off playing the class.  Its the only class I’ve never managed to get past level 20 at least.  Its about time Blizzard got round to changing the appearance of some of the older models brining the game into 2010!

This new form really does look sweet though I must admit, sure there’s going to be 1000′s of people looking exactly the same after a while, but then don’t we all end up looking the same after we’re all decked out in tier 11 armour and above haha!

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