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Starting All Over Again – For Arena Action!



I’ll admit it, I’ve never played an arena match ever!  I know this is quite shocking to most people reading this, but the simple fact of the matter was, I simply was not interested in PvP.  For a long time I had been a stern die hard PvE player.  My reasons behind this stem from a lot of my past experiences.  I played eq2 for a few years at the highest level of raiding, admittedly I’ve not played wow at that same level, but I still know all the dungeons inside out.  I’ve always tanked too.  Sure I’ve had alts which I’ve messed with and in some cases I’ve even claimed to be changing my main over to them.  In the end I always come rolling back to Grim and his Warrior buddies to tank yet another instance!

But what if I look at this from a totally new perspectiveve?  What if I simply strip all my characters of everything they own and send it all to one of my alts and make him my full time main no questions asked?

I want to get into competitive PvP as its the last thing left for me in WoW, so to speak.  These are my alts:

  • 70 Paladin
  • 65 Warlock
  • 54 Mage

The rest range from level 1-10 so are not really worth mentioning, oh and I forgot the obligatory Death Knight.

I went with the Mage I’ll discuss why are the split.

I play WoW with Kir on his many characters, 99% of the time I log in when hes logging in.  So the selection of which character to play sort of depended on the level of character he wished to play.  Luckily enough he has a priest of level 55, which he is extremely interested in.  Given Priest, Rogue and Mage seems to be one of the best arena combos it all started to make sense!  Also I have a very soft spot for my Mage and I’d love to learn the class inside out.

And so our Mage and Priest are looking forward to leveling up!  Given the amount of times we have gone through Azeroth and Outland we should be in Northrend in no time.  I plan on updating our progress as often as possible.

Currently we are just finishing off Western Plague lands and are looking forward to moving to Eastern Plague lands.  From there we should be able to make 57 in a few hours of playtime, then we can move to Outland! Yay!

The only doubts I have at the moment are my seemingly unbreakable attachment to tank classes, and classes which hit stuff up close and personal.  I guess its just the type of player I am.  Still I’m very interested in having dps at my fingertips for the first time ever (at a high level).  As I said at the top of this article, the main goal for my Mage is to go full on PvP.  The days are long gone when I could sit at the computer for hours and hours on end waiting for instance groups and the like.  Now I’m after the instant satisfaction PvP brings.  I can’t put into words how excited I am about this whole affair!

See ya next time

Grim, er I mean Icecomet! (what a sexy name)

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We just need to make sure we have the Discipline (HA!) to get to 80. I jest, I’m looking forward to fighting through Outland and Northrend with our tough as nails team. I see no reason why, with our current specs, we can’t take on group quests with just the two of us.

Doing Battlegrounds should be pretty damn fun and all. I really can’t wait to leg it round the field, dropping Shields and Penance on people!


It’s defiantly going to be nice to play a duo which is built for just that, playing together!

In the past we always went with what’s best for a group/raid. So this will be a damn nice change!

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